Practicing Wildlife Conservation

Promoting a Harmonious Coexistence between Animals and Humans in the Earth's Ecosystem

WANPI WORLD Education Foundation, with its core spirit of promoting social development, wildlife conservation, and ecological knowledge education, is dedicated to fostering sustainable ecological development and highlighting the value of coexistence between animals and humans.

WANPI WORLD Education Foundation encompasses a wide range of diverse approaches, from in-situ conservation emphasizing protection in their native habitats to ex-situ conservation involving species preservation in different locations. While there may be various arguments and initiatives supporting different approaches, the common ground is the recognition of the importance of animal conservation, which has already become one of the universal values in today's world.

Promotion of Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Education in 2022

WANPI WORLD Education Foundation  utilizes the existing medical resources within the park and collaborates with the municipal government and rescue organizations to assist in wildlife rescue and medical treatment, thus promoting the local wildlife rescue network. Furthermore, the foundation has accumulated extensive experience and practical knowledge in animal care over the years, which is organized into various training programs for internal animal keepers. Externally, the foundation actively promotes conservation education, bringing awareness of animal conservation concepts to the public and schools. In the future, we will continue to uphold the values of animal conservation and strive to be the best guardians for wildlife.

From promoting and development of animal medical care personnel to providing medical assistance to every individual in need, your support is needed. We sincerely invite you to join us as guardians of animals!
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Operating Report

WANPI WORLD Education Foundation regularly publishes financial statements and achievement reports to provide accountability to the community and donors regarding donation income and operational development. The attached files include work achievement reports, financial statements, and sponsorship acknowledgement information. Welcome to download and review them.

Green Point Rewards Program

WANPI WORLD Education Foundation participates in the "GreenPoint" program organized by the Environmental Protection Administration of the Executive Yuan. We regularly disclose the details of donated points. The information can be found in the attached file, which you are welcome to download and refer to.  
WANPI WORLD ZOO Education Fundation
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